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Moving Home


Moving Home

Moving home can be very stressful and it may have been a long time since you ventured into the mortgage market. We appreciate that even an experienced buyer may want us to ease the stress of property purchase. We ensure that your mortgage offer is available as soon as possible so that your solicitors can start the legal process on your behalf. We can compare porting your current mortgage to your new property topping up with further borrowing on a new rate so that you do not incur penalties. Alternatively if have finished your fixed/discounted period, we can look at the whole of the market again.

  • We will discuss your current situation and budget to work out the maximum you can borrow

  • We will take you through all the available options and explain all the different types of mortgages.

  • We will explain all the documentation required to support your mortgage application.

  • We can provide you with a mortgage in principle so that you can look for your property on the open market with confidence.

  • We will be available to speak to you throughout the whole process and liaise with the housing partners and solicitors.

  • We will be available to speak to you at any time after you have moved in to look at your future options, whether it be for home improvements, protection advice, staircasing on your shared ownership or buying an additional property.

  • We will explain to you your remortgage / porting options 6 months before your mortgage deal ends.

Documents Required

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