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Documents List

Documents List


In order for De Havilland Group Limited to complete your full financial assessment please send back the following documents:

  • Passport and any visas or rights to reside pages

  • Driving Licence or another form of secondary identification such as a utility bill or financial statement that has been posted

  • Last 3 months consecutive bank statements up to current date posted and/or fully downloaded clearly showing your name, sort code and account number

  • Last 3 months payslips

  • Last P60

  • Employment contract if you are on a Short Term/Fixed Term or Zero hour contract

  • Last 3 years SA302s with Tax Overview if you are self employed

  • Full Credit File from Noddle, Experian or Equifax

  • Proof of deposit – savings statements showing a build up

  • For gifted deposits – Passport of the donor, utility bill proving where they live, statement showing money going out of their account or proof that they actually have the gift money available

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